Will the consultation on MPs expenses be the break-through?

Few consultations attract more than 500 submission. Almost none attract more than 5,000. The Conservative idea of a Cabinet Office prize for a system which facilitates mass-participation is certainly imaginative. But will the consultation on MPs expenses provide a  breakthrough to mass participation akin to the million who signed the petition against road charging. I doubt it will be possible to ignore the voice of the people this time. But will they speak?  

Is anyone running a sweepstake on how many respond to the IPSA (Independent Parliamantary Standards Authority) on-line questionnaire?

Let alone what they will say.

And will IPSA follow the “tradition” of giving the same weighting to submissions signed  by thousands as those signed by one, whatever their title (self created or not)?  

And how would they know the difference anyway?

Either way the message is to submit your own views direct.



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