Why can't small firms adjacent to the Silicon Roundabout get BT Infinity?

I has just approved a comment to my “How Rural is Smithfield?” blog entry from a small firm in Shoreditch pointing about that they cannot get the BT Infinity, Fibre to the Cabinet, service  from their fibre enabled exchange:

“Ah, totally agree. Let’s also discuss a fund for those small/home-based businesses stuck on Exchange-Only lines shall we? FTTC is unavailable to us, despite being wired into a fibre enabled exchange (Shoreditch) and not one authority, provider, regulator, or council seems to give a hoot. As a small business providing consulting services remotely a 6mg down contended ads line is insufficient. leased lines, Ethernet, bonded ads, wireless are all prohibitively expensive (£300-500/month).Silicon Roundabout? Where?”

I would welcome comments. 

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Have the businesses in the local area thought about creating a collaborative network, allowing them to share bandwidth and cost, thus improving internet capability whilst sharing cost.

Just an idea if fibre isn't available.



I am hoping that this post may draw responses from alternative suppliers of fibre to the premises because I would have thought that Shoreditch, like the Smithfield area and many other similar areas, have more than enough local demand to make them attractive. However, given that there are similar problems with othr Business Parks and City Centres, I would like to know more as to why market forces are not working. Or perhaps the question is, what is preventing them from working?