The Entries for my conspiracy theory competition are beginning to come in

Yesterday I offered a bottle of Ledaig for the best conspiracy theories related to the mass media cover for PRISM. I have now received three more, but not as postings. Apparently the idea that I might ask “friends” to identify anonymous postings was a serious deterrent.

The first comes from some-one who does not believe in conspiracies, only cock-ups:

Google has found that being based in Ireland for tax purposes means you also get other aspects of Irish law. Now non-aligned Ireland doesn’t use intercept as evidence, so it’s never in the headlines. But relatively Draconian powers (recalling that Taoiseach is the last remaining title like Il Duce or Fűhrer) also come with the disadvantage of no money for costs for complying, unlike UK&US. That’s not a big deal if you’re just servicing Irish customers, but suddenly really hurts if policing the world.

But O’bama can’t take on the Irish interest, so the game has to be played in the only remaining non-trivial place where the criminals don’t get to see the scope of capability by sitting in court, but which the Chinese have an interest in changing: Hong Kong.”

The second is more convoluted. It links relates PRISM to supposed attempts (and not just by their own officials) to deter DCMS Ministers from requesting a Competition  Commission enquiry into the pricing of leased lines (both copper and fibre) in Birmingham, including attempts by the two dominant players, working in concert to block the threat of competition by specious legal action.

The third conspiracy theory may already have been dented by Alistair Graham’s splendid rebuttal this morning of attempts to use Data Protection to prevent regulators and civil servants involved with the Care Quality Commission from being held to account for cock-ups and cover ups.  It was that the objective of the PRISM controversy was to help create an even more convoluted UK/EU data protection regime and thus facilitate the process by which officials routinely move into regulatory positions as part of their retirement package – as an alternative to joining the ranks of those being regulated. Thus CQC was one of the alternatives to joining one of many Outsource/PFI contractors now milking the taxpayer. 

Even so, I do like the third theory. it has the Bilderberg and/or Illuminati ring about it, plus a wealth of supporting “evidence”.