Rory Stewart's reivers steal the show on Broadband

I am told that Ian Grant’s excellent summary of the bidding war that took place in Penrith in Saturday tells only part of the story. You too can share the rest. My thanks to Lindsey Annison for giving me links to the video record produced by John Popham, the live blog and the film about rural fibre from Chris Conder. Lindsey also comments that the many blog posts on the conference and the ‘instant’ availability for everyone in almost real time “puts to shame all conference organisers who charge hundreds or thousands of pounds to attend their do and then often take months to get videos and presentations online, if at all!”.

P.S. The Border Reivers had stolen anything that could be moved for hundreds of years until   James VI  of Scotland (James 1 of England) brought about peace on the borders between his two kingdoms by shipping the worst of the troublemakers to Ulster so they could create the Irish problem before going on to America to create Bourbon and bring mayhem to the Wild West.


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I hope the customers make sure to challenge any potential providers on their charges for connecting villages to the broadband network.

The BBC reported that when a Welsh village was looking to get themselves on broadband, BT quoted £550,000 for the job, while another provider quoted just £50,000. No prizes for guessing which one the village selected.