Number 10 Petition for HMG to support the fight against E-Crime

The taxpayer is by far the biggest victim of E-Crime: both directly and indirectly: from £150 million looted from the Individual Learning Accounts to a £billion or so from automated VAT and Benefit fraud to the computer-managed mortgage fraud that helped bring down the former building societies – plus the tax revenues on the lost profits to business from crime against the private sector.   

If the Treasury is looking for rapid payback investments, they do not come much better then cutting the duplication of effort across its fragmented security operations and organising cross-department co-operation with law enforcement and private sector, via the Police Central E-Crime Unit, Fraud Centre and E-Crime Reduction partnership.

If organised crime is indeed costing the UK economy over £20 billion a year than at least half of that is almost certainly from the public sector and most of that is now computer-assisted.

What should you do?

Support the petition on the Number Ten Website and then write to your MP.

If you disagree or think this is far too simplistic, please post your comments as to why.

It is simplistic – organising that co-operation is a non-trivial task.

But Whitehall and Westminster need to recognise their responsbilities as victim: bankrolling organised crime, drug trafficking and terrorism.

Their failure to help co-ordinate action, including to recover the losses, costs us all dear.  

At a time of recession, falling tax revenues and increasing pressure on public sector spend this should be a no-brainer.



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