Lib-Con plans for NHS IT

Further to my blog yesterday, those wishing to ponder the future of NHS IT could do a lot worse than look at the previous Conservative policy statement in response to the independent reivew of NHS IT commissioned by Stephen O’Brien. That review addressed questions raised in an earlier, rather less detailed and thoughtful (only nine pages as opposed to over 180 for the independent review) study by Centre Right Think Tank Aediles. The title of that paper Computerising the Chinese Army summarised the problem. The “solution”, a mix of devolution, choice and inter-operability, was another of those areas where Conservatives and the LibDems were in strong agreement even before current love-in. Implementation is another matter – given that so many trusts are constrained by impossible service contracts and bankrupt in all but name.


Does the sheer scale of the problem present an “unprecented opportunity” or is this a case of “with opportunities like these, who needs problems”.