Ignorance in motion - Commission starts bid to regulate the Internet of Things

Those idiotic laws from Brussels all begin with a seemingly innocuous “consultation”. That for the laws the Commission will draft to regulate the Internet of Things has just been issued.

Do not be fooled. This consultation is important.

Unless it leads to a mass, pan-european vomit, backed by serious campaigns from those who see the threat to both civil liberties and economic competitiveness, this is the first step on the way to a regulatory nightmare that, whatever the supposed objectives, will protect major players from liability and allow the state to monitor everything that moves, while crippling UK/EU-based innovation from smaller players.  

P.S. My own submission (as a “concerned citizen”) disagrees with all the motherhood statements and repeats in every comment box the following (with variations):

“While I believe much of the above is needed, it should be developed by industry and professional bodies on a global basis to meet their current legal liabilities. I believe strongly that the Commission/EU should make no new regulation regarding the Internet of Things – whether to add regulatory burdens or to limit responsibilities and liability under existing law.”


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