Cut public sector on-line information bloat until we all have 2 mbps

At the Conservative Party Conference I heard complaints from those in rural constituencies about demands for on-line returns from those unable to get much more than 56 kbps over their supposed broadband services. These was coupled with complaints about those whose information is now only available in multi-megabyte documents – most of which are taken up with photos or graphics which add little or nothing to the text. I blogged on this in the context of material from the Charity Commission but they are not only, or even the worst, offender. Given that most of Dorset is a “not spot” as are some of the areas around Horsham, I look forward to seeing Cabinet Office Ministers taking an interest.  Before readers say that I am among the offenders – with my long blog posts – I will stop. 

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Commissar Virgo, your example is exemplary and will be much admired by industrious comrades in Horsham Gulag.

A question while I have your attention, Eminence.

What has happened to Commissar Collins. His absence from the balcony of the demacratic workers of the Weekly Computer Collective, waving as the massed ranks of the Coders and Helpdesk Operatives' Corp march by has been noted by experienced Hemlinologists.

Has heroic Commissar Collins been ... re-typed?

Or is he merely taking deserved rest after years labouring for the good of the people and the party at his dacha?