Consultations on Digital Apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Levy

Many readers have strong views on both Digital Apprenticeships and the plans for an Apprenticeship Levy. Speak now or for-ever hold your peace or rather speak now and then continue to make a fuss until your voices are heard. The deadline for submissions to the Tech Partnership Consultations on both has been extended.  The link to the Apprenticeship survey, new deadline Monday 7th March, is here. The link to the survey on the Apprenticeship Levy is here . You may also wish to respond direct to the Education, Skills and Economy Select Committee Enquiry deadline 18th March. 

The Tech Partnership surveys are neutral and balanced. My own views on the subject are not. Many of the changes announced in last years budget were welcome. This was not. We had been making serious progress with genuine employer-led skills programmes but the apprenticeship levy risks a return to 70’s. The levy and grant approach was comprehensively rejected in the 1980s as “Jobs for personnel officers, not training for jobs”. Is there a way of implementing it which avoids the abuses of the past? I am not sure that any of those who made the proposal had even looked at what happened last time around. Meanwhile the gulf between the training wanted by employers and that which Ofqual will approve is widening.    

Now is the time to make your views known.