Video: Telecom TV's report on UK women in tech

Telecom TV has recently posted this interesting round-up of views and opinions on women’s tech networking groups and the state of women in tech in the UK today. It’s perhaps a little unfocused – the issues facing women working in media, or setting up their online retail businesses, are actually quite different, if related, to those faced by the lone woman developer in a large corporate, whereas this report bundles them all up together – but it’s still well worth a watch. There’s plenty of thought-provoking comments for debate, from whether using the word ‘girl’ in a group’s name might do as much harm as good, to Maggie Philbin on her belief that you can’t expect schools and parents to inspire more young women to choose tech careers as most of them won’t even know what’s out there.

Watch, and let us know what you think – which of these issues most concern you?

(Attempt to embed the video is failing at the moment, so please jump to Telecom TV’s site to watch it there.)

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