Technology - an industry of rapid change?

At an O2 event this week, I was looking forward to learning about how the telecoms company aimed to help its public sector partners enter a brave new digital world.

The chair had already spoken about how one of O2’s biggest challenges was how to provide the technology its partners needed whilst still staying relevant to the fast changing world of technology.

He highlighted the importance of O2’s work with the AA – the telecoms firm provides all mobile services for AA employees, including those who are in the field.

Then he said: “If you’re alone, female, you’re down in a dark lane, you’ve broken down, and you want help, the AA are there to help you.”

I know it doesn’t seem like much, and most people in the room probably didn’t pick up on it, but it grated on me. And it should have grated on all of the men too.

If there’s anything Emma Watson’s speech at the UN highlighted it’s that men are not benefiting from equal rights either – it’s ok for a man not to know how to change a tyre!

In a room full of people discussing what changes need to be made in order to progress in their organisation, I expected a little more consideration.

I thought times were moving on, perhaps not as fast as the tech world, but at least a little bit.