PCG to hold Women's Freelance Network event

PCG is set to hold an event for female freelancers called the Women’s Freelance Network.


Taking place on the 29 May, at Club Workspace in Chancery Lane, the drop-in event aims to create a space for freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent professionals.


PCG, is a representative body for independent professionals and freelancers.


Research by the body found a spoke in the number of female freelancers with four out of ten freelancers now women. According to the research freelancing mothers have increased by 24% from 2011 to 2013.


Julie Stewart, chairman of PCG, said: “The purpose of the Women’s Freelance Network is to provide a platform for freelance women to come together with like-minded individuals and share tips, advice and experiences in a relaxed environment.”


“More and more women are choosing this way of working. It is a positive career choice whether you are a mother looking to find the right work/life balance or a successful businesswoman frustrated within the confines of working for someone else.”


The event will be the first in a series due to be held across the UK, offering networking opportunities for female freelancers.


Stewart added: “Running your own independent business is challenging and it can be lonely. Having a supportive network of fellow female independent professionals means that going solo in business no longer means being alone.”


“These events will also be a great opportunity to get advice from the experts on everything you need to know if you are considering going solo. If you are thinking about taking the plunge and starting a business the event will be a great opportunity to learn everything you need to know to get started.”


You can find out more about the launch event here: pcg.org.uk/events

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