Great female IT role models - Catalina McGregor

Catalina McGregor is founder and chair of the CIO / CTO Council Green ICT Delivery Group, and is producing real change in the way government IT operates.

The delivery group published the first strategic vision for Greening Government IT in Europe and has set targets for central government chief information officers.

McGregor is at the centre of government and seems committed to transforming the way IT is used, procured and disposed of in the public sector. She is passionate about the amount of technology that’s getting dumped by Europe and the US in Asia and Africa, and says legislation and policy can only do so much. If we keep throwing away as much as we are, it will still get dumped in places like Ghana, because it’s lucrative to do so. The people doing the dumping will find a way around the law if the volume of old IT remains as high as it currently is.

McGregor has been called “one of the most significant drivers of green IT in the western world”, and she is the liaison officer to the UN ITU Focus Group for ICT and climate change.

Before working at the cabinet office, she held posts at the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Trade and Industry. She is also the former head of e-business and e-commerce for Richemont Luxury Group.

We’re going to be writing more about McGregor’s work but in the meantime, if you have a daughter who you think would do well in the technology sector, you could do a lot worse than leaving McGregor’s CV lying around for her to find.

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I heard Catalina speak at yesterday and was impressed by two things about her - that you can be passionate about a subject AND deliver your message calmly and convincingly. It is easy to be passionate but also easy to be shrill and hack people off - Catalina does not do this - rather she draws you into her world via her empathy and intellect. She is indeed an outstanding role model and through her, I'm inspired to do a lot more to reduce the carbon footprint of the IT service I deliver at the CIH.

I saw her there too, that's what prompted the blog - I thought she was great.

Maybe you dont know this: she got the name because she works on OECD green working group and is absolutely driving 33 Countries to generate a "Universal Green iCT Strategy" for any country large or small to download to get started.

Mrs McGregor said 2 weeks ago at The World Bank Summit in Paris:

"You dont need 200 scientists, funds or even major staff resources to deliver this agenda in your country. Just cut and paste to match your needs. You can help a lot of people if you get this right and you will drive home your leadership role because this is achievable not in 10 years but right now."

Marcus from Germany