FDM hosts another successful women in IT event!

This is a guest blog from Louise Strong, Senior Test Consultant at FDM, who discusses the company’s event last night. The Women in IT event attracted 60 attendees.


Last night we held another successful Women in IT event in London. We were lucky enough to have three wonderful speakers in addition to our own COO Sheila Flavell, and got a chance to view our latest Women in IT video on the big screen!


The purpose of these events is to inspire younger generations to take the leap into IT. It is widely known that IT is severely male dominated, with only 14.4% of women taking on IT roles in today’s industry. It is therefore the aim of FDM’s women in IT campaign to encourage more women to consider an IT career and to create a supportive environment for them.


Our first speaker was Charlotte Keens, who has spent the last two years working as an FDM Consultant placed with UBS. Charlotte gave us an insight into her world as a young female Project Manager in a heavily male dominated environment, and how she has made a success of her career to date.


Next up we had Louise Weale who is currently the Release Manager at Business Link, but has held numerous technical positions in IT over the years. Louise gave us a great insight into how the world of programming and software development has changed over the years, along with changing attitudes; not only towards women in the industry but also to the idea of the ‘typical geek’.


Last but by no means least, we had the incredibly motivated Dr Sue Black. Sue has recently won the PepsiCo’s Women’s Inspiration Network Award, was acknowledged as the 7th most influential woman in UK IT by Computer Weekly and was responsible for saving Bletchley Park and keeping it open for future generations to visit and enjoy. Sue gave us a great talk about how she has achieved so much and got to where she is today, and I’m sure every woman that attended will agree what an inspiration she was and will continue to be for future generations of Women in IT.


The evening was concluded in style with a little champagne and cupcake based networking, where members of FDM’s internal staff were on hand to talk to women looking to start their career in IT, and chat to our guest speakers.


Overall, speaking as a self confessed techie, there is nothing better than nerding out with a few like-minded women over a good cupcake or two, and I can’t wait for our next event.


Oh and did I mention there was cake?

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