Clueless technology companies in "women are lazy" shocker

Two brilliant headlines from recent tech press releases: 1. Women don’t work hard and 2. Women are clueless about technology.
So I’m lazy, and I can’t turn my computer on, because I’m just so female and flimsy. I don’t even know why I bother leaving the house in the morning. I’ll probably get sacked soon anyway, on account of my laziness.
You might assume there must be some high quality research backing up such strong statements. But you’d be wrong – it’s lazy, sexist PR guff. It’s companies desperate for some coverage, coming up with a “controversial” headline to try and get it.
I auto-deleted my copies of these press releases, but was prompted into mentioning them by Maggie Berry at, who blogged on the “clueless” story.
In the “women are lazy” shocker, a “performance analysis software vendor” (sorry?) called OfficeMetrics informs us all that women start their days earlier than men, but are less productive. I almost can’t be bothered to explain the rest of this ridiculous story, if I can call it that. Blah blah numbers blah and at the end – a statement saying actually, we don’t really know what we’re talking about.
I’m not usually one for PR-bashing, a sport that a lot of unjustifiably smug journalists like to engage in. But any agency who pitches or sends this sort of rubbish is wasting their time and making their client look stupid.
What’s more, companies like TechGuys (the bunch behind the story calling me clueless) need women to get interested in working in IT. The UK (and I think the US) don’t have enough good quality technology staff. Alienating half the population by calling us clueless and lazy is a great way of attracting decent people to work for them. Nice work TechGuys. Who calls their company that anyway?