Social Media on the Moooove

There is a great post from last Thursday on the CW blogs by Alastair Behenna here. It interested me because I don’t (yet) hear many people at executive level talking about a disengagement from email marketing.

I know I personally don’t engage with any brands by email these days. I still get emails from airlines, hotels, shops, restaurants, and anyone else who has collected my address over the years, but now I always click on the unsubscribe button.
My email inbox is too full anyway. Why would I want all these communications clogging it up when they are the kind of offers and deals that I would much rather see flowing through my Facebook news feed or on Twitter?
I’ve recently been talking to an organisation that endlessly talks about the number of people on their email distribution list as if it’s a badge of honour. Well maybe my own behaviour is a little earlier than some, but it won’t be long before consumers and business contacts reject email as a way of keeping up to date with things – like a monthly newsletter.
I can see it happening already and Ben & Jerry’s are now proving that publicly available social tools are not only a more effective way to reach people with information, it’s cheaper too.

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