London Twestival

It’s the London Twestival this evening.

Not only does it mean that bloggers and Twitter users will get together to do some good by raising money for charity, but it’s also a great opportunity for those who only ever interact in Twitter to meet in the real world.
And, before I go any further, I’m the organiser of the regular Ealing Tweetup. The next one is over lunch in the pub this coming Sunday. If you live in West London then why not come along?
Tweetup advertising over, now what did I want to say? Well, I love it that a lot of the people I chat to on Twitter will be at the party tonight. I’ve been looking down the list of those attending and I can see Dr Sue Black – the hero of the save Bletchley Park campaign – tech writer Jim Mortleman, Sourcing Focus writer Toby Brown, cricket nut John Brown from Speed, in fact I can see loads of people that I know from working with them, and loads that I know from chatting online – even if we have never met.
But the Twitter-using community is still awash with advertising, PR, and media folk.
The media in general has been first to find it a useful business networking tool, but isn’t it time some folk from other industries started showing up to these blogger parties? Communicating effectively is vital in *any* industry.
I know from my own corporate work that I’ve recently been involved in advising banking, telecoms, and consulting firms about Twitter and how to use public social media tools within a communications strategy. But is anyone going to be at the party tonight representing a high-street bank. I doubt it.
I’ll be there tonight. Do say hello. This is me, just as a clue to those I haven’t met before:

Mark Kobayashi-Hillary