Is corporate blogging dead?

Corporate blogging.It was always controversial. So many firms struggled to find the right voice, but is the market now changing because of the prevalence of micro-blogging and tools like Twitter or Yammer?
I’m still working with firms keen to blog, and even launching some new projects as I write, but I’ve had one client come to me recently and they have no interest at all in regular blogs. Too long, too much effort, and the ability to measure feedback in comments has been hampered now anyway as all the debate takes place elsewhere.
It’s obvious that B2C firms are favouring the micro-blog route. Take a look at BT for example. Why would they publish a blog talking about best practice in telecoms? They need to be out there inside the debate interacting with customers.
So is that now true of B2B firms too? And if that’s really the case then what would you say to all those firms who are still printing and publishing white papers to demonstrate their technical competence?

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