Give this man a job!

Back in the day when I was working for a bank and recruiting techies, I recall people sending me 20-page CVs listing every single piece of software ever used by the job-hunter in a bid to impress the boss. I always remember thinking that I would hire the person who would give me a one-page summary of only the relevant information – who needs to know that you were a milk monitor back in infant school?
Anyway, I noticed the CV of Graeme Anthony thanks to the cockney geezer blog and it shows that he has more imagination and ideas about how to use online communications media than most – who is going to give him a job?

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No-one at all, if all the advice about not having any frills, bold text, bullets, etc in your CV is to be believed. But then, maybe that's for the 99.9999999999% of CVs that only get read by software. Hope his turn out to be the one in a trillion that does get read by someone real