England v Slovenia. Social media style...

Of course it’s just promoting their business, but someone had to do it…. a social media comparison of the England and Slovenia football teams. Forget about individual players, the coach, or tactics, this ‘research’ focuses on whether you can predict a win on the football field based on how active the fans are on social media.

Of course, this is all just a bit of fun and the research would not stand up to any academic scrutiny, but I wonder if there is anything in it? It would depend on the feedback loop of support from the fans to the players. 
There have been many studies analysing the link between the crowd and the performance of the players, something that can be analysed to a certain extent when games are played behind closed doors, but this could open a new avenue of sports research.
And for your information, the research says that England will win today…

England in Tesco