Ealing Tweetup - Oct 26, 2010

If you follow me on Twitter, or you have been reading this blog for some time, then you will know that I organise the regular Ealing Tweetups in west London.
Tweetups are a great way for those who use social media extensively to put down the smartphone and to pick up a pint and engage with all those people who you normally only ever talk to by preceding their name with an ‘@’ sign.
The next Ealing tweetup is looking like something really special. It’s on October 26th and all the details are here if you are interested in coming…
First, there are already 50 people signed up and it’s still three weeks away. I don’t really want to sell a Tweetup on the organisations being represented because some people will come in a personal capacity, but just to give you an idea there are people signed up from the BBC, Dell, Steria, Gartner, Ovum, IDC, and the FT. And all of them regular bloggers and tweeters.
Second, we have sponsorship from Xerox. They are going to ensure that there are food and drinks from the bar for all the thirsty bloggers at the tweetup.
Third, we have an hour of live music from 7pm with the amazing Ronan MacManus coming to sing and play guitar in the pub just for the tweetup. You might be aware of Ronan’s famous brother, but I’d argue that Ronan’s voice is even better. Have listen for yourself at the tweetup anyway.
It’s going to be a great event, full of Tweets, and with lots of useful connections for those who are less confident blogging or tweeting – come and chat to some old hands.
See you there…

Ealing Tweetup - July 8 2010