Being social and responsible

I was thinking yesterday about the kind of tools that might help charities work with donors and influencers, and one potential answer came up and said hello before I even thought about it. I was meeting Martin Smith, the CEO and Founder of Justmeans, for an entirely different reason and it seemed that the site offers a potential solution.

Justmeans operates in a number of ways. On the surface it’s a social network, a kind of Facebook for people involved in Corporate Social Responsibility. But under the surface there is a subscription version of the tool that you can pay for, offering immense power for those trying to project a brand across various social media.
The site uses a SaaS model, so you only pay a monthly fee to use the system and though they are focused on the CSR community, there appears to be no reason why it would not work for more general communication and branding across social networks. From one control panel, broadcast to multiple networks is possible, along with the control of polls, surveys, and even Facebook applications, to encourage interactivity beyond tending to the farm.
There’s a lot of social media management and analysis tools out there, but this one appears to go much further than most, and has the development of CSR at it’s heart.

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