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  • EE - neither stands for enterprise 4G

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 09 Apr 2013
  • Last month I had an interesting chat with the general manager of O2's enterprise division in the UK. He claimed O2 hadn't lost a single corporate customer to EE, despite its rivals' attempts to ...

  • Confirmation of an Amazon smartphone? Well, almost...

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 02 Apr 2013
  • It seems like there is something exciting happening down at Amazon. Although the first thing you may think of is books, there has been widespread success for the online retailer with its budget ...

  • Fibre before beauty

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 27 Mar 2013
  • Typical street of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. (Spear Mews, looking towards the K + K George Hotel, 1, Templeton Place) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The leafy suburbs of ...

  • Let the mourners come for HTC

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 21 Mar 2013
  • HTC One X (Photo credit: John.Karakatsanis)I have never been one for forward planning, but I am afraid I have dusted off my best black dress, ordered the flowers and am now writing the eulogy for ...

  • Kroes must use her influence to bolster broadband in the UK

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 13 Mar 2013
  • English: European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, in Vilnius, Sept. 14, 2010 (black/white) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I am normally the first person to leap up and praise the great Neelie Kroes. A rather ...

  • Dover cliffs, Calais phone bill

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 11 Mar 2013
  • I took this picture myself on 14/05/05. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The sleepy seaside town of St Magaret's sits bang on top of the famous white cliffs of Dover, conjuring images of bunting, tea and ...

  • I think I'd care more if Larry Ellison was buying my company...

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 26 Feb 2013
  • The infamous CEO Larry Ellison on stage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This week I am at Mobile World Congress and whilst many are getting in a spin about shiny new toys - I may have done that as well - ...