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  • BDUK delays are embarrassing the UK on the global stage

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 05 Jul 2013
  • English: Parliament buildings London UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Yesterday, I received the National Audit Office's report on the BDUK project for rolling out fibre broadband. The report sought to ...

  • I wanna rock... but I need Wi-Fi!

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 04 Jul 2013
  • example of a riff of traditional heavy metal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)It is no secret to regular readers of my blog that my heart is filled with music of the somewhat heavier persuasion. Whilst ...

  • BT - the next OTT provider thanks to 4G

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 03 Jul 2013
  • BT Ireland logo (2005 - Present) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Last night, I had the pleasure of sharing dinner with the CEO of BT Global Services Luis Alvarez. And yes, that isn't me being facetious; ...

  • Ofcom's job is not to make money for the government

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 18 Apr 2013
  • Rumour has it this week that the National Audit Office (NAO) is going to be investigating the 4G spectrum auction. Why? Well, for not bringing in enough cash to the Treasury. Before the bidding ...

  • HP can do mobile if it focuses on the enterprise

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 10 Apr 2013
  • Meg Whitman speaks at the Tech Museum in San Jose, CA February 17, 2009. Photo by Max Morse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I have just watched a snippet of an interview with Meg Whitman by the BBC's ...

  • EE - neither stands for enterprise 4G

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 09 Apr 2013
  • Last month I had an interesting chat with the general manager of O2's enterprise division in the UK. He claimed O2 hadn't lost a single corporate customer to EE, despite its rivals' attempts to ...

  • Confirmation of an Amazon smartphone? Well, almost...

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 02 Apr 2013
  • It seems like there is something exciting happening down at Amazon. Although the first thing you may think of is books, there has been widespread success for the online retailer with its budget ...

  • Fibre before beauty

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 27 Mar 2013
  • Typical street of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. (Spear Mews, looking towards the K + K George Hotel, 1, Templeton Place) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The leafy suburbs of ...