Best of the Beast

Best of the Beast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In these post-crash days and era of austerity, businesses up and down the country are struggling to balance the books. Yet some organisations have come out of 2013 looking healthier than ever before.

A new report from software company Growth Intelligence has announced a list of 1,000 companies said to be ‘leading the economic recovery,’ and technology is clearly making an impact on the fate of the UK.

From AppSense in the North West to Wireless Logic in the South East, the country is covered in successful tech firms that despite the tough economic climate have continued to bring in turnovers of between £6m and £250m.

But I’m afraid all of these innovative firms are lagging behind the fastest growing of the lot, and one you might not expect to see on a list containing everything from telecommunications to building materials.

Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden will this Christmas celebrate their 38th anniversary and as a little present, their holding company has been named as one of six music companies outperforming all other industries in the UK.

On top of the typical companies house data, Growth Intelligence includes employee growth, intellectual property and investments in patents and office space, amongst other metrics to get a wider picture, and it seems Maiden are kicking the backside of the corporates in their business endeavours, as well as on stage.  

They have been particularly successful when it comes to social media, where during its Maiden England World Tour between Jun 2012 and Oct 2013 – one of the best shows I saw this year – the band grew its online fanbase by five million.

In September 2013 alone, the band added almost 630,000 new social media fans, which Growth Intelligence said was the highest monthly increase the group has seen so far this year.

So maybe there is a lesson for us all here. Dressing smart, sticking to the rules and focusing on how to make money from your customers can get you far, but rocking out around the world with galloping guitar solos and songs celebrating the number of the beast may mean you do even better…


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