I wanna rock... but I need Wi-Fi!

example of a riff of traditional heavy metal

example of a riff of traditional heavy metal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is no secret to regular readers of my blog that my heart is filled with music of the somewhat heavier persuasion. Whilst technology is a passion, heavy metal is and always will be my first love, from the beginnings of Black Sabbath to the Black Metal of Behemoth.

So, as you can imagine, when the two combine into a campaign I agree wholeheartedly with, that blast beat filled heart of mine skips one and I stand to attention.

A new radio station named Team Rock – something my friend and I refer to as Team JSco as the tracks look like my Spotify playlist – has launched a campaign calling for free Wi-Fi networks to be set up across the UK.

Such connections are available in South Korea so the founders of the station are asking, and rightly so, why can’t we have it in the UK? And let’s face it, with announcements in recent weeks of the government back tracking on its 2015 targets for rolling out fibre broadband and only putting 0.25% of its extra £100bn investment into infrastructure towards the roll-out, we need to think how we are going to get this country connected.

Team Rock has started a petition on the Number 10 website to try and rally support, not just from rockers like me but any part of society that believes internet connections are needed and needed now.

“Aside from providing new opportunities for businesses, it would spur a massive boom in innovation,” it reads. “It would also bring connectivity to remote areas of the country which suffer from poor internet access.”

Whether you appreciate the dulcet tones of Trent Reznor or not, you can’t disagree with that.

With 100,000 signatures, we can get this debated in parliament so come on, sign up, or I’ll send Lemmy round to persuade you… 

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