Don't forget the equipment behind the big names

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As regular readers will know, case studies are a big thing over here at CW and we love to share with our readers not just new technology releases but how the solutions are used, any problems along the way and the reaction of customers.

The use cases regarding Wi-Fi are coming in thick and fast and one that dropped into my inbox today made me think about who gets the credit.

Ruckus Wireless is at the centre of numerous roll-outs but as the equipment manufacturer it doesn’t always get touted.

For example, today it sent me a press release detailing its involvement in the O2 branded deployment of Wi-Fi at Canary Wharf. I knew about the roll-out but when O2 was shouting from the rooftops about its latest contract win, Ruckus’ name was never mentioned.

I am sure this happens to other companies too. I have just interviewed Birmingham City Council about its upcoming Wi-Fi project with Virgin Media Business – article to follow – but the equipment manufacturer wasn’t mentioned.

Also, earlier in the week I interviewed the IT director of University of Nottingham about its new wireless network – again, article is on its way – which it built in partnership with BT, but the focus was that headline name, not the worker bees behind providing the technology.

Now, as a journalist, it is my job to ask the question and don’t worry, I will, but I just wanted to sing the praises of the often ignored manufacturers. Yes, I will tell you where to go when you call me with a rubbish press release about a new product launch (please take note this is NOT what we cover), but you are integral to the customer story and your innovations make it possible.

Time for those guys to get a bit more recognition I think.

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