Broadband's big boost for British (Telecom)

Many of you may have seen by now the latest government report from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport entitled ‘UK Broadband Impact Study.’

The DCMS commissioned the SQW Group to look at how us citizens will benefit from BDUK, both from the improved performance we will get out of our internet connections and the payback for our tax investment.

The headline figures are pretty promising and would understandably give Maria Miller and Ed Vaizey beaming grins.

The research claimed that for every pound the UK government put into broadband, the UK economy would benefit by £20. Wowza. I like those odds.

SQW said there would be a significant short-term boost to the UK economy from the government’s broadband roll-out, with the network construction set to add around £1.5 billion to the economy overall and £0.5 billion with about 11,000 jobs in 2014 alone.

It also said the long-term effects would be impressive, with public investment increasing annual GVA by £6.3 billion and causing a net increase of 20,000 jobs in the UK by 2024.

Amazing! Thanks to the DCMS for sharing this information in a well put together press release with the report attached.

Of course many people wouldn’t bother opening report and be happy with those headline figures. Some of us are not quite like that…

I am quite disappointed actually. I normally enjoy trying to find the holes in a piece of research and scouring through to find a slip up. However, the CEO of SQW, Chris Green, managed to put it right out there in the foreword.

“While recognising that there are still gaps in the empirical evidence base, and that the future is inherently uncertain, the study’s projections are the outputs from a rigorous and detailed analysis which draws on the best data currently available.”

Read that first line again.

“While recognising that there are still gaps in the empirical evidence base, and that the future is inherently uncertain…”

Basically, BDUK has been getting a lot of flak and bad press – not just from me by the way – so the DCMS thought they best pay someone to write a nice report bigging up how much its broadband investment is going to bolster the economy. 

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