HPE hopes to put a cuckoo in the nest of EMC VMAX customers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has made a bold play to convince EMC VMAX and Oracle users that they should migrate to HPE’s 3PAR all-flash arrays.

It should be called “Project Cuckoo” as it’s a clear plan to supplant another vendor’s array from the datacentre, but HPE execs seem to have let that naming opportunity slip by.

HPE says customers that implement 3PAR all-flash arrays with their EMC VMAX still in place will gain total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of 50%.

The scheme hinges on the use of Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), which allows customers to set more than one storage array to support the Oracle installation. The two arrays can co-exist alongside each other and the software automatically utilises the best-performing storage.

HPE is clearly convinced ASM will show 3PAR all-flash to be superior to their old VMAX, which can be configured as an all-flash array, but in most cases probably won’t be and is not designed as such. HPE seems to be betting that current VMAX users will give them a chance when it comes to a hardware refresh, rather than, say, turning to EMC’s XtremIO ground-up developed all-flash array.

HPE global account pre-sales manager Phil Lewis said: “Our analytics tell us we can save the customer 50% in terms of TCO, based on power, heat, cooling and administration costs.”

Elsewhere, HPE also announced it would add the ability for customers to migrate data from IBM XIV arrays to 3PAR arrays. It already offers that capability for EMC and Hitachi Data Systems customers. Also now available are Samsung 3D NAND 400GB drives for 3PAR all-flash arrays.

HPE offers all-flash and hybrid flash arrays in its enterprise-class 20000 series, launched in June.