FileShadow shows hybrid cloud push evident at SME and prosumer level

There’s a drive towards hybrid cloud evident at the moment.

From hyper-converged products that offer cloud capability to single namespace file and object systems that allow seamless working between private datacentre and public cloud service.

While these mostly address midrange and enterprise customers, there are also hybrid cloud products for smaller-scale users that want on- and off-site interoperability.

One of these, FileShadow, last week added on-site Drobo NAS capability to its existing aggregation of multiple file-sync-and-share cloud-based services via its own file system.

The company aims its product at individuals and SMEs that have several cloud-based file share services and want to unify access to them. It has now added the ability to extend visibility to Drobo NAS products too, bringing hybrid cloud to smaller users.

FileShadow is a journaled file system that uses webhooks to access user data in cloud file-sync-and-share services, currently Box, Dropbox, one Drive, Google Drive and Adobe Creative Cloud. To these are now added access to Drobo, via agents on the NAS device.

FileShadow reads, encrypts and catalogues and indexes user data and stores it on the IBM Cloud Object Storage service. Its layering of services on indexed files allows, for example, images to be searched for by subject via metadata rather than just file name.

Fileshadow also allows files to undergo optical character recognition, for example, in PDFs to allow scanned documents to be searched.

Will FileShadow add more cloud services?

Tyrone Pike, president and CEO of FileShadow, said: “We’re covering about 96% of the market so far, but we hope to add some more, like Apple iCloud and some AWS services that are only available to Prime storage services.”

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