Top ten IT strategies for SMEs, number two: Unified Communications

Part two of Small Matters’ Top ten IT strategies for SMEs today looks at Unified Communications (UC).

Because the UK rail infrastructure seems to collapse whenever there is a drop of snow, strong wind and the wrong kind of sun, SMEs with small teams are high risk of total shut down. But UC is an answer to allowing people to work from home.


UC allows employees to send messages on one medium and receive the same communication on another, providing businesses with the flexibility to work remotely.

Robert May, managing director of IT support company Ramsac, said this allowed his company to carry on with business as usual when staff were stranded at home due to heavy snow earlier in the year. “The vast majority couldn’t get in but when we logged on I could see that everyone was working. It assigns a number to phone extension system.” Although the prices aren’t dissimilar, it has meant the company hasn’t lost money through staff downtime, he added.

Savings have also been made due to reduced cost of ownership and maintenance charges to the system. “There’s also much more scalability, you often find that companies who have bought a phone system find it hard to easily expand. But [with UC] you can start with 20 people using it and easily move up to 200,000,” said May.

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