SMEs and the cloud

We’re all familiar with the so-called trickle down affect when it comes to technology. Large organisations have the resources to invest first and prove the worth of new IT, or not. Once that’s been established and the cost eventually comes down, small enterprises slowly adopt the technology. Think CRM systems or laptops.

Not so with the cloud.

According to experts cloud adoption could become more widespread in the small business sector than in larger organisations.

“The opportunity is much bigger in this sector,” says Gregor Petri, adviser at CA Technologies. “Most SMEs don’t want to hire people for IT support, so they can benefit massively from it. New business starting out will do almost everything in the cloud.

“There are so many businesses already using Google services. Cloud services are the only way in the medium term for these businesses to access enterprise-class robustness and service. It will be huge,” he says.

Dave Allen, managing director at NetApp, believes agrees: “It’s [already] large in mid-space”

If the cloud truly is the future, then it seems small businesses could be about to turn conventional wisdom on its head.

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