Is virtualisation a cloud stepping stone for SMEs?

While there’s no denying the benefits cloud computing can offer small businesses, its widespread adoption still seems a long way off.

Vendors would do well to realise that the majority remain unaware of what the cloud actually is (Just 10 % of executives at UK SMEs say they understand the term).

And although adoption seems to be gathering some pace within the sector, many say they are still concerned about the perceived security risks of using the public cloud.

The alternative is to use a private cloud, but this is something the vast majority are simply not ready for. A Forrester Research report recently found just 5% of enterprise IT operations teams actually meet the requirements for cloud computing.

In a story I recently wrote, John Fuller, IT director of the family-owned business J&H Bunn, implemented a virtualisation system to cut costs and support his company’s growth. But he said getting rid of his servers entirely was simply not an option. “We wanted to maintain control. Cloud computing is something we might consider in the future, but we need to walk before we can run.”

For those small businesses not ready to take the leap to a fully outsourced solution – but looking to enjoy some of the same technology benefits as their larger counterparts – virtualisation could be the answer.

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