Where in the world

CIMG2261.JPGCan anyone guess, from looking at the picture on the right, where I am today? This is the view from my hotel room. As a clue, I’m still in China, about a three hour flight south of Beijing.

I discovered yesterday that “fasten seltbelts” on an Air China aircraft is a euphemism for “walk around carrying food and drinks, occassionally spilling them onto the Englishman, and anyway what use is a seatbelt if we hit the ground at 500mph.”

Actually, in fairness the service was good and onboard food not too bad either. Flight out of Beijing was delayed and it always amuses me to hear people complaining to the staff. It’s as if they expect a response along the lines of “Oh, so sorry to hear your complaint. I’ll just have a word with the pilot and get him to bring the departure time forward for you. I’m sure that’ll be fine.”