Use this blog with caution

Do you find this blog to be “seductively immediate, vividly worded and apparently candid”? If so, then according to Gartner, you should exercise “care and caution” before using it as a reference.

Gartner have published a report entitled “Use Care and Caution to Qualify Insights From the Internet” (3 Jan 2008 by Whit Andrews and Carol Rozwell) which I think serves to highlight the fact that many people seem very willing to grab information from any and all online sources and quote it back as bona fide fact with little regard for the credentials and credibility of their sources.

Anyone with even an infrequent experience on the Internet knows three essential truths:

1. Having access to more information does not make that information inherently more valuable.

2. Multiple instances of a piece of information do not vouch for its veracity.

3. Information is made generally available often without regard for its persistence or potential impact.

The article goes on to describe further guidelines for using online resources as reference points. If you can get access to it then it’s well worth the download.