Open University course on forensics

Only a couple of weeks to go until I commence a new course through the Open University entitled Computer Forensics and Investigations. You can read more about what this course offers online here .

While the course will not make me an expert on the subject, it should be a good primer for further work, and give me some extra capability within my own organisation.

The Open University is an excellent way to gain new qualifications and I’d recommend it to anyone who can muster up the commitment to study in their own personal time.

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The link you need for prospective students is (The one that you have given is for prospective tutors).
I just finished the first presentation. Very interesting and well put together. However, the 150 hours listed as needed to do it (7 hours per week, 6 months) is far below what you need. I spent probably in the region of 3-4 times that, and worked on it almost every single day. It was rewarding though on several levels. Hopefully a few niggles will have been ironed out though.