One night in Bangkok


The latest installment in my grand tour of South East Asia is from Bangkok where I’ve been spending time with a part of the business that organises some very successful exhibitions within Thailand and Vietnam.

The photograph is of the traffic queue outside the office block. I was able to bypass the traffic and make use of a river taxi and then connecting with the excellent (and, thankfully, air conditioned) Bangkok Skytrain.

A recurring theme of this trip is my being introduced as the “IT Security Director.” I’ve been quick to allay any expectations that I’m only interested in IT related aspects of security and that my role and interests cover the full scope of information security. This has ensured that I’ve also had an audience with those responsible for HR, marketing, project management, and finance.

Without going into specifics, the biggest risks encountered during this trip to date have been where control of data is outside of company networks. However, that isn’t by any means something unique to this part of the world. In fact, I’ve been very pleased with the effort that has gone into security in most of the locations I’ve been too. What I have encountered that is different to what is often found in the UK is a pride in getting the job done properly regardless of how menial or unimportant it might seem to be.

Next stop is my favorite place in the world: Hong Kong. See you there!

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