Microsoft Senior PC - not just for the elderly

My mother-in-law is, to give her some credit, an intelligent lady. However, faced with an upgrade from Windows XP to Vista and IE7 from IE6 and you have a situation akin to explaining quadratic equations to a two year old. Both circumstances will result in heavy objects being thrown around in frustration.

So, the idea of Microsoft to provide a range of “Senior PC packages” is, in my mind, borderline genius and something I wish I had thought of first. Computer Weekly mock the idea in this weeks magazine, something I think is very unfair given that I’m sure some of their editorial team are getting on a bit and would probably be able to make good use of the built-in prescription software…

If home computing can be made as easy as taking the PC out of the box, plugging it in and turning it on (not a word from the Mac users please – I know you’ve been able to do this for years) then that’s to be encouraged for everyone, not just the elderly. And if it stops the “support” calls from my mother-in-law then that’s priceless!

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Old article but a new comment! I think some SW companies grossly misunderstand what seniors need from a computer operating system (OS). It needs to be stable, that is No changes. Like the old dial telephone was for 30+ years. Don't force upgrades, don't make it obsolete on the new hardware. Make allowances for the unforeseen technology growth that patch it in seamlessly. As a minimum, push the changes out to 10-year increments, not every 6-12 months. I could say more, but lets see if that generates some discussion. Thank you!