Hairdressing and security reports

That’s just about the end of my galavanting around South-East Asia. In fact, as I write this blog I’m sitting in a hotel room in damp and chilly Sydney, Australia recovering from attending the Hair Expo Gala Night! Hair Expo is one of my organisation’s more glamourous events and the gala was billed as being “the place to be seen.” While I admittedly don’t get too excited about hairdressing, one has to admit that it certainly attracts a more glamourous crowd than Infosec – especially as last nights event had Tim Hartley a hairdressing phenomenon and one of the most influential stylists of his generation as the guest star.

By the time you read this I’ll be well into my journey home, stopping off in Singapore on the way. It will then just be left for me to write up a report for my management on the observations and recommendations from my business unit visits. This is no easy task: one has to be careful not to overstate risk and, conversely, not ignore it. We need to keep the focus on what’s important to the business: money!

I expect that some of my report will prove to be contentious. I’m not averse to sticking my neck out and management expect an honest appraisal. I’d much prefer to bring a difficult subject out into the open for discussion than leave potential risk simmering in an unattended pot.