BBC Article - Bosses 'ignore toxic data risk'

Bosses must stop leaving data security to the “IT boys” and other

staff and take responsibility themselves, the UK’s information watchdog

has said.

It’s a message I wholly support. Once and for all we need to stop putting the onus of responsibility onto IT to protect data.

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Everyone agrees that data loss is a serious problem, for the private sector as well as government. All this, despite huge investments in so-called information security. Companies and government have information handling policies coming out of their ears but don't seem to have any means of measuring their effectiveness in the sphere of Information Governance. I have put together a brief outline of some practical measures that could be adopted, easily, by any organisation. My quick guide (Measures for preserving stakeholder confidence) is available as a free download from my website - see this page:
Meanwhile Gordon Brown has thrown in the towel! Abject surrender isn't an option [for Gordon Brown] in the Financial Services market but it is clearly the order of the day when it comes to protecting sensitive personal data. No wonder we have a "care-less" culture and continue to leak data like a sieve.
It's an utter cop-out of a statement. Can you imagine a CEO saying something similar about management of data within his organisation? Words fail me.