Airports and committees

My journey to America yesterday began with my tube of shaving cream being confiscated at Heathrow Airport for being 50ml too large. The maximum “safe” size is 100ml. Any larger than that and apparently there’s a danger that it might explode. How ridiculous. If I’d had two 100ml tubes then that would have been ok. Security at the American side was just as daft. A customs officer asked me if I was carrying any foodstuffs. I replied no only to realise a little later that in fact I had a packet of hula hoops and a battenburg slice in my shoulder bag. I suppose my online confession could make me a marked man. Of course, they wont find me because they’ll be looking for somebody clean-shaven.

Good service from British Airways on the way across. I’ve complained in the past but when you’ve spent time travelling on some other international airlines you re-appreciate how good BA are.

I’m in America for one of the regular security committee meetings that the parent company of the organisation I work for holds. The topics on the agenda will not surprise anybody reading this blog: PCI compliance, patching, web security and so on. The purpose of the meetings is to define corporate policies and approaches to problems common to each of the global divisions within the organisation. It’s also my opportunity to ensure that the global division that I represent has input and voice when the policies are being decided. Personally I don’t believe that security policies should be decided by democratic committee – I think strong leadership and authority is required. I know that lots of time will be wasted over the next few days arguing over minor points of language and off-topic trivia. As somebody once famously said “A committee is a body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.”

At least I get a few days in the sunshine of Tampa while I’m here so I shouldn’t moan too much least they don’t invite me back!