A Saturday Comment

I’ve noticed that no-one reads this blog on a Saturday which begs the question of why I’m writing anything. However, given the technology I could have actually written this last Tuesday and scheduled it to be published on Saturday. In fact, right now I’m sipping coffee in Starbucks reading this blog so that the stats will show at least one person read it today….

I have subscribed to a new, free service from an online organisation called Garlik. In fact I note that David Lacey also mentioned this service some months ago on his blog. As well as providing a view of your credit file it also looks for associations that you have based on your name, location, and Internet presence. Take a look for yourself because, like me, you might get one or two little surprises.

Enough comment already about the whole TJ Maxx credit card affair. We can all snort our indignation at how such a thing could happen over such an extended period of time but the focus of effort must now be to learn the lessons and for everyone who manages valuable data to make sure the same thing isn’t happening or about to happen to you. It would be a benefit for everyone in the industry to learn exactly how this incident happened and remained undetected for so long. Fair enough? I notice that one, obviously morally and intellectually superior, commenter on this story stated “I trust the security manager has been sacked.” (http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/the_web/article1536335.ece). Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. If we sacked all the good people everytime something went wrong within their area of responsibility then we’d never have the chance to benefit from their experience.