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  • How to get Digital Britain moving

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 06 Feb 2009
  • If communications minister Stephen Carter really wanted to create widespread demand for high speed broadband, he would encourage content producers. He should stipulate that the work should be high ...

  • It's a snow news day...

    Rebecca Froley 02 Feb 2009
  • Computer Weekly team members are working from a variety of locations today, because of the poor weather conditions, but we're still getting stuff online, if a little more slowly than usual.

  • It's all fun 'til someone loses a nad

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 30 Jan 2009
  • Aren't things getting a little silly over in the Valley? Someone spat at Michael Arrington of TechCrunch (we don't know why) and then we learn the poor guy has had to spend $2000 a day on ...

  • Bad day for the US

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 27 Jan 2009
  • Yesterday was probably the worst day in terms of job losses in the US, since the start of the downturn in October 2008. A staggering 55,000 jobs were lost, and a majority of these losses were in ...

  • Did Raju lie about Satyam accounting fraud to hide another crime?

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 21 Jan 2009
  • News on the web that disgraced former Satyam chairman may have lied about the $1bn accounting fraud to cover the fact that he siphoned the money into two other firms. A report by the Economic Times ...

  • Here to Chew Gum and Kick Ass, and she's all out of Gum...

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 16 Jan 2009
  • I'd start this week's round up of all things juicy and LOL-worthy in the Valley with a headline like Yahoo! Has! A! New! Big! Boss!, but it's getting tired after The Mighty Register (sainted be ...

  • Tata takes over some Satyam business

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 14 Jan 2009
  • The World Bank has handed Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) much of the work previously carried out by Satyam which it barred from working with it. The World Bank cut ties with Satyam on December 25 ...

  • Apple Keynote - the details

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 06 Jan 2009
  • Well, a very impressive keynote! The main points: iWork has been revamped, including the inclusion of - a document sharing site, to make collaboration in business easier. the iPhone and ...

  • Speculation Ahoy!

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 06 Jan 2009
  • So it's Macworld time again. Steve Jobs' health is no longer in question (although he's not too well, poor dear), and rumours abound as to what treasures await us in the keynote speech from Philip ...

  • 12,000 barristers, witnesses exposed to risk of ID theft

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 18 Dec 2008
  • Protecting personal data needs special attention. Just when is this message going to get through to everyone in charge of personal data in the UK? Despite the series of high profile personal data ...

  • Virtual Worlds Cheaper than Web Conferencing

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 17 Dec 2008
  • It's time for business to take a fresh look at Virtual Worlds. It's time for business to stop being scared, and to recognise the cost benefit, and dramatic savings that can be attained throigh ...

  • A McAfee Christmas to you too

    Bill Goodwin - Computer Weekly 16 Dec 2008
  • An irate reader phoned me this morning with a tale of woe about his anti virus software. Ian Margetts; was unlucky enough to be hit by a nasty piece of malware which flashed up a warning sign on ...

  • PR gets in the poo over Christmas fart

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 16 Dec 2008
  • Sorry about the toilet humour at Christmas but I cannot resists passing on the details of a clever PR mind trick. These are used to get journalists to open emails. This one worked on that front, ...

  • Don't get your knickers in a twist over ID card leaks

    Bill Goodwin - Computer Weekly 09 Dec 2008
  • Ian Grant writes: So someone sent Wikileaks a copy of the non-disclosure agreement that the Home Office wants suppliers of the national ID card project to sign. What twisted Phil Booth's knickers, ...

  • Hacker Gary McKinnon gets to fight extradition another day

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 03 Dec 2008
  • Self-confessed British hacker Gary McKinnon, I am pleased to see, has won another chance to appeal against extradition to the US for trial and a possible imprisonment for breaking into US military ...