UK biz should get visibility of data breaches now, says LogRhythm

UK organisations should not wait for new legislation to obligate them into gaining a better understanding of the IT estate, says LogRhythm.


This week, the European Commission (EC) announced that new Data Protection Directive will be released at the end of January instead of mid-November.


This means that mandatory data breach disclosure for public and private sector organisations, to be introduced by the new version of the directive, will be delayed until 2012.


But with data breach incidents reaching an all-time high this year, it is clear that traditional perimeter security solutions are now an inadequate defence, says Ross Brewer, managing director for international markets at LogRhythm.


Organisations should not wait until compelled by legislation before they implement the controls they need to generate accurate breach notification, he says.


According to Brewer, laws enforcing mandatory data breach disclosure are long overdue, with LogRhythm research showing that 83% of the UK support compulsory data loss disclosure.


Once mandatory data breach disclosure laws are enforced, organisations will need to develop a much deeper insight into the activity taking place across their networks.


“This is because they will be required to generate accurate notifications which will specifically identify who and what has been compromised,” says Brewer.


In the US, he says, where breach notification laws are already in place, many companies are forced into issuing blanket breach notifications, potentially overstating the severity of the incident, due to a lack of visibility into their IT systems.


“Solving this problem depends on organisations making better use of the log data generated by IT equipment. Both investigating breaches after they occur and detecting them beforehand depend on systems that can automatically collect and analyse 100% of log data in real-time,” says Brewer.