Safer Internet Day: Infosec managers should learn from security attitudes of today's youth

Young people treat their online safety far differently to their real world safety and this is likely to filter through to the workplace, says Tim Wilson, lead UK volunteer for the (ISC)2  Safe and Secure Online programme.

Wilson, who is also assistant director ICT, NHS East London and City, says it is therefore important for information security mangers to develop an understanding of attitudes along with measures to correct them where necessary.

A survey of more than 1,500 10-12 year olds London area revealed that youngsters are uninhibited in giving out personal information and have no qualms about circumventing parent and school authorisations to access social networking.

Wilson believes that there is a high likelihood that youngsters will take this mindset to the work environment as well and will not consider it a serious offence to ignore company policy on acceptable use of social networking.

Schools across the UK marked Safer Internet Day 2012 on 7 February as part of a world effort to tackle uninhibited online attitudes that leave children increasingly vulnerable to cyber bullying, abusive gamers, identity theft and malicious threats. 

(ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online volunteers used the day to visit schools in South Wales, Kent, Cumbria, Worcester and Teesside to talk to and educate children and parents about online safety.

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