It's a snow news day...

Computer Weekly team members are working from a variety of locations today, because of the poor weather conditions. Here’s the scene that greeted content editor Faisal Alani as he made his attempt to get to the office (only to be met with no trains…)

How’s that for backing up your ‘can’t make it in’ call, eh?

So, service may be a little slower than usual – but we’re still getting stories online thanks to the joys of broadband and remote working!

Update: Here’s why I couldn’t get in, what all the skivers without remote working access were up to in the local park (pics taken by my mum, as my VPN is working fine), the snowman spotted by James on Wandsworth Common as he struggled across London (James, not the snowman – I mean, they fly, don’t they?), and the view from Cliff’s home office in Hove (where he’s been having less success).

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