IT is anarchistic and governments just get in the way.

Why shouldn’t every citizen in the world have the right to take a job that’s on offer?

If national boundaries and government regulations were abolished the IT industry would be better off. More people will use IT and innovation will increase.

Suppliers could provide welfare for their workers and take responsibility for certain social services.

Laissez faire gone mad I hear you say.

Well Indian IT suppliers are already supporting local communities with things like ambulance services in Satyam’s case and teaching rural villagers about health in Tata Consultancy Services’ case.

IT is a major source of philanthropists I mean looking at Bill Gates and all the work he does for chaaaaaaaaaaaaaridy.

And workers from all over the world support our IT sector already and it can only be seen as a positive thing. I mean unlike certain colonial powers they are not exactly helping themselves to the UK’s riches but actually providing services that are in demand.

And I am not even a capitalist.