Friday Thoughts

The end of a busy week in the IT sector and the start of a new wave of conferences full of new issues, but I wonder how YOU or your organisation feels about plans the UK government has to monitor a large portion of our electronic communications. Hot on the heels of this, as I write, news hits me that Australia is now planning on censoring incoming web content.

So, the question is, how will you personally or your company deal with these new restrictions – super sensitive communications are now effectively going to be less secure than ever, your web presence may not be available to your antipodean customers (not that you have anything illegal on your site, but strange things happen when people censor on behalf of a whole continent).

Is it time for your business or even yourself to step  fearfully into web 2.0, to start collaborating and communicating with your colleagues and customers in ways that aren’t (initially at least) monitored or deemed unsuitable?

What are your thoughts on this latest development?