Could government e-petitions be stopped?

The website for Downing Street’s e-petitions service says the new administration is “currently assessing how best to proceed with the e-petitions service.” Could this mean it will be stopped? The press office says it’s one of the things being looked at, and will get back to us. Signing e-petitions has become a popular way of making views known to the government over the last few years and stopping it would be controversial. We’ll update when we hear back.

It must be a busy time to work at the civil service – e-petitions is just one of the services under assessement and all the departmental websites are undergoing some changes. There will also be a huge amount of work involved in stopping projects like ID cards and Contactpoint, and IT staff in the public sector are waiting for the government to announce its main priorities before pushing forward with projects. It’ll be an interesting few weeks for the sector but at the moment most questions are unanswered.