Apple Keynote - the details

Well, a very impressive keynote! The main points: 

iWork has been revamped, including the inclusion of – a document sharing site, to make collaboration in business easier. the iPhone and iPod touch get an app that will allow them to be used with iNotes to control presentations. 
iLife also gets a revamp with iPhoto getting a redesign and facial recognition to aid photo grouping, and gps tagging to make albums easier and more fun. iMovie get s aream of new features that put it a notch closer to it’s more advanced relatives Final Cut Express and and Pro, including real time rendering for effects. GarageBand gets a revamp, along with the addition of downloadable (for a fee $4.99 – no UK price yet) lessons from well known musicians to help you learn to play an instrument. 
iTunes goes completely DRM free from the end of Q1 09 – all 10m songs – this is a huge announcement. 
From today all songs will be available for download for the iPhone via wireless or 3G (previously you had to have the phone attached to iTunes). 
And the biggie? The new MacBookPro 17′. Unibond body, like it’s smaller brother the 15′, upgradeable to 8gig of ram – it now comes with 4 gig, and the battery lasts up to a staggering 8 hours. The price stays the same $2799 (no UK price). Apple have developed a new battery system that is said to last for 1000 charges at least. 
Not a bad keynote – the new battery techniques look set to keep Apple at the very forefront of laptop technology for a long time to come.